RSS Menu Extension for Safari

Note: This extension is not associated with RSS Menu from e dot studios, or any similarly-named application.

What Does It Do?

  • Adds a menu button to your Safari toolbar that lists available RSS, Atom and RDF feeds
  • Can open discovered feeds in most Mac newsreader apps (Vienna, NetNewsWire¬†etc.), or preview directly in Safari
  • Toolbar button badge shows number of discovered feeds on current page

Change Log

v2.3.0 (27-Jan-2017):
  • Visual refinements and essential bug fixes.
  • Updates to the jfeed library
  • Removal of the YouTube feeds code, which hasn’t worked for some time because Google no longer provides an API.

Change logs and selected downloads for previous versions.

Known Issues

  • This extension will only work with Safari 12 or earlier. Starting with Safari 13, Apple has discontinued support for standalone extensions, in favour of App Store apps that bundle extensions.
  • Under some circumstances, resizing the Safari window can cause RSS menu items to stop working. If this happens to you, go to Safari Preferences and disable the extension, then re-enable it.
  • In Safari 8, 9 or 10, when you try to open a feed in your RSS application, you will see an alert message asking if you want to add the feed to your Shared Links:Add to Shared Links

    Click Cancel to continue opening the feed in your RSS application.

    This issue does not affect Safari 11, as Apple has removed the Shared Links feature.

  • RSS Menu cannot open feeds directly in RSSOwl. This is because RSSOwl does not register itself as a feed URI handler on OS X as it ought to.
  • The extra feeds (Favorites and Recent Subscriptions) that were available in the extension menu when visiting YouTube user profile pages are no longer available. Google have deprecated the v2 API the provided these feeds, and there is no equivalent in v3.

Bugs and Source Code

RSS Menu extension bugs are tracked on GitHub, where you can also find the source code.